Where·to with history? deals with the city of Dresden. The film touches on crucial questions with relevance for all cities that have experienced devastations and upheavals like Dresden: How can a destructive past best be managed architecturally, and what could the political consequences be if the past is not reflected adequately in urban planning? Conversely, if the past is reflected adequately architecturally, can the past then in the end be transformed to something positive?

Through interviews with urban planners, politicians and critics, the film discusses the difficulties, but also potentials that come with Dresden’s ruptured past.


Cast so far
Jens Baur
Torsten Birne
Jochen Bohl
Harald Bretschneider
Sebastian Feydt
Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Glaser
Victor Gregg
Dankwart Guratzsch
Prof. Ludwig Güttler
Anja Heckmann
Dieter Krull
Torsten Kulke
Prof. Dr. Matthias Lerm
Matthias Neutzner
Nilsson Samuelsson
Prof. Dr. Hans Vorländer


Funding so far

Statens Kunstfond
Dreyers Fond

Cees van Oord
Govert & Pia van Oord
Hendrik Jan de Ru
Nanne de Ru